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Puddles of Ithaca Was My Lifetime Favorite Pet Dog!

Puddles of Ithaca Was My Lifetime Favorite Pet Dog!.

Signing Autographs is Scary!


Be ready!  When your first book is published (some of you have published before), be ready to shake, rattle and roll. 

What I am getting at is that when the first purchaser of your book, standing right in front of you, asks for your autograph, you might have your hands start to shake, like I had.

With me, it was the shock of it all.  I felt tremendously humbled and honored, but, at the same time, I was concerned that I might make a mistake in a name or it could be possible to mess up the recently printed libro.

One thing I did was to shift in my chair, plant my feet firmly on the floor, and write whatever special message was to be put with the name or names, and then I took the very fine point of the black pen and added my message.

You find that you value each book bought and each person or all the persons connected with that purchase. 

You want to know how they like the book after it is read and if they will buy the next one (s).

The friend who is like a family member, who bought the first two books and wanted my autograph, also gifted me with a set of permanent marker black pens just for signings. 

That was very special.

So, get ready, it is an awesome event when you are asked to sign.  Now you are a PUBLISHED BOOK AUTHOR.  It is very special.

Best regards and good luck!

Profile, Richard R. Davison, Puddles of Ithaca


Richard Raymond Davison is a retired educator who has embarked on an exciting writing career. His first book is Puddles of Ithaca, published by and illustrated by It is a non-fiction storybook/picture book, about the wonderful relationship of a small boy (the author) and his beloved mixed-breed beagle dog. It takes place in an historic neighborhood, sixty plus years ago, on East Hill in Ithaca, New York. The neighborhood was surrounded by both Ithaca College and Cornell University buildings, students, professors, and the environment was outstanding. Mr. Davison is married to another educator, Dorinda Garcia Davison, and his children, Michele Davison Espinoza and Roxanne Davison Moreno, are very supportive of Mr. Davison’s writing endeavors. He has over one hundred freelanced articles published on the Internet with and the Yahoo!, Contributors Network. His studies include graduating from Ithaca High School, studying further at Ithaca’s Cascadilla Preparatory School, on the Cornell University campus, and then attending and graduating with degrees from the University of Tampa (BS, Education), the University of South Florida (MA, Gifted Education), and the University of Florida (Ed.S, Educational Leadership). He also studied with the Institute of Children’s Literature and the Nikon School of Photography. Mr. and Mrs. Davison met at the University of Tampa and married on the same day they graduated. They have four grandchildren: Mikayla Dorinda, Sebastian Alejandro, Manuel Ricardo and Nicholas Eduardo. They travel to Spain as often as they can to visit Mrs. Davison’s relatives and have visited Italy, the Greek islands, and Turkey. When they can they also like to visit places in the United States, and especially New York State, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Virginia and California.

Helping Other Writers and Authors


We all know how important is to have been helped by other writers and authors.

Now, it is our turn to do the same thing.


For starters, I always try to take the time to answer someone’s question when I come upon it, and after I decide if anything I contribute might in some way help.

When I freelance for Yahoo! Voices and do the same for, I sometimes come across a very valid question and ‘give my two cents,’ so to speak, in what I try to have come across as a dignified and helpful answer.

There have been many times when I have been searching with that I have found both my name and my answer published someplace on the Internet, as if it is VERY important.

When that happens, it is a very warm feeling that fills my being, that not only did I answer the question, but maybe it helped many persons and not just one.

Don’t ask me how it got there, to have hundreds and maybe more see it.  It would be too difficult to find out about all the technology that brought it there.  However, a main point to mention is that one must be careful, be positive, and only answer questions when you know that your knowledge or experience could greatly help another person.

It is all ‘pay it forward,’ isn’t it?  It is helping others because others have helped US.

It is like in teaching; we never know how much we have influenced others for the better.

May we all help one another and stress QUALITY at all times! Was it General Electric that had the ad: ‘Quality is our most important product.’?

Lastly, I would like to mention that it is surprising sometimes to realize that each of us has come far and we DO know something good to share. 

Best regards!

Networking Importance in Marketing Books


Before I started the process of writing and publishing my first book, Puddles of Ithaca, I read on the Internet that one should start telling others at least six months in advance about the soon to be published book.

It was very good advice, since it set the stage for interest in the book.

My wife, Dorinda Garcia Davison, had suggested to me to write and publish a storybook-picture book about my childhood pet beagle dog, Puddles.

So, the rest is history and I began posting information about the book coming soon in Facebook pages and I mentioned that I freelance with and Yahoo! Voices, Yahoo Contributor Network.

Marketing is both time consuming and wonderful.  It is a way to gain new friends and associates and to build a foundation of readership.

Always concentrating on excellence in storytelling and correctness in spelling and grammar, I called upon my wife, daughters, and rest of the family, to critique and give ideas.

Online, going into joining Twitter, LinkedIn, and other sites, was also very valuable.

In marketing Puddles of Ithaca, I have found that great interest is Local Interest. Sometimes in giving talks and having book signings, children and adults are amazed to find that I ‘live just down the street,’ so to speak.

I self-published and am very happy I did for my first book.  Of course, one always hopes that traditional publishers will, at some point, pick up interest in one’s writings.  A first way to start is this way, but maybe it should always be the way; self publishing.  There is a lot of debate on this topic and I read the different opinions all the time.

My wife is a retired educator but ‘always an educator,’ and she did proofing and editing and it all was very good.  From the start, I also wrote and re-wrote all the time, trying to make it all better and better.

A first sequel is in the works as well as a children’s book in collaboration with another person.  Other titles are planned.

One tidbit of information, also, about publishing and marketing, that I have found very valuable and positive is that we must continue publishing and getting our ‘names out there.’  Then, the readers want more!

Best regards and I hope to continue encouraging youi.

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