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Puddles Liked Waterfalls

stock-footage-a-wide-waterfall-flows-over-rock-ledges-in-ithaca-falls-new-yorkMy Puddles of Ithaca had access to places like this, in the photo:  Waterfalls.  All she had to do was take off and go in back of the Ithaca College Infirmary near woods on our street, Willets Place, off East Buffalo Street in Ithaca, and go down the trails to the water, the paths, and then relax in the cool water and view the beautiful sights.  Ithaca College was, in those years, on East Hill, and is now on South Hill.  Both Ithaca College and Cornell University dorms,  fraternities and sororities surrounded us, plus wonderful neighbors who helped make our childhood years like none other!  This waterfall is a symbol of all the waterfalls one can find in Ithaca and the surrounding areas.  This type of scene holds many memories for all of us who were children (and pets) in beautiful Ithaca, New York.

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