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Book Club Reading List

Here is a site to look at Puddles of Ithaca as a Book Club selection:

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Review by Dr. Douglas L. Hazen

  • Review of Puddles of Ithaca by Dr. Douglas L. Hazen
    The new children’s picture book Puddles of Ithaca by author Richard Davison chronicles a bygone era missing from today’s Americana. Reading Mr. Davison’s book is like a journey into a Norman Rockwell painting. What is provided for the reader is a brief look into our past, a time when life was immeasurably simpler. This was the pre-Sputnik period. People had no cell phones, few had TV’s, milk was delivered twice per week to the front door in glass bottles, children  who played in the communities were actually known by their neighbors, the drive-in-movie theater entertained whole families, and movie houses offered ¢.50 three-hour Saturday afternoon matinees for the kids. Towns still had corner grocery stores and pharmacies had soda bars. Such is the setting of Mr. Davison’s new book.
    Puddles of Ithaca is a story of young boy – it so happens the boy is the book’s author – set during this idealic  time in a small town in Upstate New York. The boy is given a choice by a neighbor of selecting a puppy from a dog’s litter.  Puddles of Ithaca is a delightful short story of the relationship that develops between this boy and his dog. It even has a heroic moment when Puddles saves the family from a house fire. For parents who might want to share with their young children a wonderful view of America that is lost to our yesteryear, Puddles of Ithaca provides this opportunity. Enjoy!
    Dr. Douglas L. Hazen
    Published by Xlibris Publishing and Illustrated by

Puddles of Ithaca Reviews

***** Five Star *****
Customer Reviews

Puddles of Ithaca, Richard R. Davison, Author, Illustrator, Publisher


Puddles of Ithaca is a book for young and old alike to embrace. The book illustrations enhance the story of Puddles’ arrival in the life of a young boy and Puddles’ impact on the entire family. You will return to Puddles of Ithaca, again and again, to read about the antics of a pup that have a profound impact on the entire family. This is definitely a story to be cherished and reread for generations to come, a timeless story of love, friendship and the added dimension that a four-legged friend can have upon our lives. A definite addition to any child’s library.

Michele Starkey


There is much more in this book than you would think at first glance. The author created this book from his youngest reminiscences and this book will create memories in the minds of children and adults about how important pets are in our lives. This book is also a great read aloud; I can still hear my mother’s voice as she read her stories aloud to me and it’s something I have always valued, but even more now that she is not here anymore. Sharing a book with a child creates great memories. Puddles of Ithaca, by Richard R. Davison it is a delightful book and I encourage anyone with children to purchase it. I’ll be hoping for a follow up book for this story to find out more about Puddles.

Luz Mary Luis


I was tremendously surprised and impressed by the quality of the book (softcover) when it arrived in the mail. As I began to read the story of Puddles, I was caught up in the smooth progression of events. As a retired English teacher, I surprised myself as to how much I wanted to keep turning the page. It is an intriguing, heart warming story which will capture the reader’s heart. Bravo for the author.

Jackie Williams


The story of Puddles is about a dog’s caring and loyalty to his family and his sense of adventure. It brings back memories of how things were in a small town when dogs and children could disappear from their homes for hours and find all kinds of fun activities in the neighborhood and only return home at dinner time. The author’s daily activities as a child in Ithaca are interwoven with the dog’s. I recommend this book for its depiction of a loved pet and his grateful family in a simpler time. It is absolutely charming and it’s a true story, which makes it even better!

Christine Tomovich, one of Puddles’ neighbors


Puddles of Ithaca

Mike Motz – Children’s Book Publishing Services – Puddles of …





Uncle Wes and His Flying Truck

Uncle Wes and His Flying Truck.

Signing Autographs is Scary!


Be ready!  When your first book is published (some of you have published before), be ready to shake, rattle and roll. 

What I am getting at is that when the first purchaser of your book, standing right in front of you, asks for your autograph, you might have your hands start to shake, like I had.

With me, it was the shock of it all.  I felt tremendously humbled and honored, but, at the same time, I was concerned that I might make a mistake in a name or it could be possible to mess up the recently printed libro.

One thing I did was to shift in my chair, plant my feet firmly on the floor, and write whatever special message was to be put with the name or names, and then I took the very fine point of the black pen and added my message.

You find that you value each book bought and each person or all the persons connected with that purchase. 

You want to know how they like the book after it is read and if they will buy the next one (s).

The friend who is like a family member, who bought the first two books and wanted my autograph, also gifted me with a set of permanent marker black pens just for signings. 

That was very special.

So, get ready, it is an awesome event when you are asked to sign.  Now you are a PUBLISHED BOOK AUTHOR.  It is very special.

Best regards and good luck!

Profile, Richard R. Davison, Puddles of Ithaca


Richard Raymond Davison is a retired educator who has embarked on an exciting writing career. His first book is Puddles of Ithaca, published by and illustrated by It is a non-fiction storybook/picture book, about the wonderful relationship of a small boy (the author) and his beloved mixed-breed beagle dog. It takes place in an historic neighborhood, sixty plus years ago, on East Hill in Ithaca, New York. The neighborhood was surrounded by both Ithaca College and Cornell University buildings, students, professors, and the environment was outstanding. Mr. Davison is married to another educator, Dorinda Garcia Davison, and his children, Michele Davison Espinoza and Roxanne Davison Moreno, are very supportive of Mr. Davison’s writing endeavors. He has over one hundred freelanced articles published on the Internet with and the Yahoo!, Contributors Network. His studies include graduating from Ithaca High School, studying further at Ithaca’s Cascadilla Preparatory School, on the Cornell University campus, and then attending and graduating with degrees from the University of Tampa (BS, Education), the University of South Florida (MA, Gifted Education), and the University of Florida (Ed.S, Educational Leadership). He also studied with the Institute of Children’s Literature and the Nikon School of Photography. Mr. and Mrs. Davison met at the University of Tampa and married on the same day they graduated. They have four grandchildren: Mikayla Dorinda, Sebastian Alejandro, Manuel Ricardo and Nicholas Eduardo. They travel to Spain as often as they can to visit Mrs. Davison’s relatives and have visited Italy, the Greek islands, and Turkey. When they can they also like to visit places in the United States, and especially New York State, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Virginia and California.


Author’s Non-Fiction Storybook/Picture Book

Author's Non-Fiction Storybook/Picture Book

Published Book Cover

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