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Review by Dr. Douglas L. Hazen

  • Review of Puddles of Ithaca by Dr. Douglas L. Hazen
    The new children’s picture book Puddles of Ithaca by author Richard Davison chronicles a bygone era missing from today’s Americana. Reading Mr. Davison’s book is like a journey into a Norman Rockwell painting. What is provided for the reader is a brief look into our past, a time when life was immeasurably simpler. This was the pre-Sputnik period. People had no cell phones, few had TV’s, milk was delivered twice per week to the front door in glass bottles, children  who played in the communities were actually known by their neighbors, the drive-in-movie theater entertained whole families, and movie houses offered ¢.50 three-hour Saturday afternoon matinees for the kids. Towns still had corner grocery stores and pharmacies had soda bars. Such is the setting of Mr. Davison’s new book.
    Puddles of Ithaca is a story of young boy – it so happens the boy is the book’s author – set during this idealic  time in a small town in Upstate New York. The boy is given a choice by a neighbor of selecting a puppy from a dog’s litter.  Puddles of Ithaca is a delightful short story of the relationship that develops between this boy and his dog. It even has a heroic moment when Puddles saves the family from a house fire. For parents who might want to share with their young children a wonderful view of America that is lost to our yesteryear, Puddles of Ithaca provides this opportunity. Enjoy!
    Dr. Douglas L. Hazen
    Published by Xlibris Publishing and Illustrated by

Uncle Wes and His Flying Truck

Uncle Wes and His Flying Truck.


Author’s Non-Fiction Storybook/Picture Book

Author's Non-Fiction Storybook/Picture Book

Published Book Cover

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